Explore New Profit Opportunities with DITEX DAO LP in collaboration with the X-DAO



Become a participant in the $100,000 USDT pool, starting with just a $1 USDT investment.50% of your investment will be dedicated to providing liquidity for the DITEX token on the Quickswap exchange. As a BONUS, we will match the same amount in DITEX tokens for you!

All participants in this pool will earn income from Quickswap commissions until October 15, 2024!The other 50% will be allocated to support the CHAINLOTTO advertising campaign, and the pool will receive 10% of Chainlotto company income until October 15, 2024.As of October 15, 2024, when this opportunity concludes, LP tokens will be returned to the DITEX DAO POOL for participants to claim.

Additionally, all investors who commit $100 USDT or more will receive one Governance Token, granting them a voice in crucial decisions within the DITEX ecosystem!

And here is brief instruction how its works.

Go to DAO page https://www.xdao.app/137/dao/0xe2d13f2f20a0864ac6f62797c4145b385187eb21

In the upper right corner we have a “Connect” button and we connect the wallet.

The wallet was connected successfully, on the page itself we are looking for the Activity section and in this section we have a crowdfunding button.

Click on the button and see here the total amount of liquidity of 100,000 LP and buy LP button.

The exchange rate is 1 to 1 ,so you will receive one LP token in the equivalent.

press the button , and you have to confirm this operation in the MetaMask wallet. Click confirm the transaction has started, and you receive confirmation of a successful transaction in green, that is, the exchange was carried out correctly.

Thank you and Good luck!

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DITEX, the Revenue Sharing Platform, is similar to Micro Private Equity, offering a weekly ROI in LP tokens generated from multiple businesses!