Opening a unique adventure quest from Ditex!

3 min readNov 2, 2023


Introducing the five-week DITEX Adventure Quest on the Galxe platform! Exciting challenges and generous rewards await you.

  1. The first 10 places will provide each participant with 10,000 DITEX tokens, as well as a DITEX Bronze Genesis NFT!

2️. For participants who rank from 11th to 20th, we have prepared 5,000 DITEX tokens each and a DITEX Bronze Genesis NFT.

3️. And those who rank from 21st to 50th will receive 1,000 DITEX tokens each!

1️⃣The first week will start with an onboarding quest, where you simply need to complete easy social tasks, and extra tasks are to have any amount of DITEX tokens in your wallet!

2️⃣The second week of DITEX Adventure Quest is in full swing, and it’s Halloween week!

🎃 This week you will also be able to get a unique DITEX Helloween Pumpkin NFT on the Galxe platform!

🗓️ From October 31 to November 7, when you purchase 100 or more DITEX tokens, you will receive our unique DITEX Halloween Pumpkin NFT as a gift on the Galxe platform! (Snapshot takes daily, if you completed tasks please wait for uptade to claim your NFT and points)

And here are brief instructions on How to buy DITEX and Claim NFT with points!

To buy DITEX tokens, follow these simple steps:

1️⃣ Visit the QuickSwap exchange website at

2️⃣ Connect your compatible wallet (such as MetaMask) to the exchange.

3️⃣ Ensure that you have sufficient USDT and MATIC on polygon network to make the purchase, And Ensure that you changed best trade option to V2 pool!

4️⃣ Search for the DITEX token using its contract address: 0x8F2b1536aa674c918725b8d0DEDdDA46BdDC2260

5️⃣ Set the desired amount of DITEX tokens you wish to purchase with USDT, and after approve USDT confirm the transaction! Thats it!

6️⃣ Go back to Galxe platform with the same wallet connected, and Wait for Update (Snapshot takes daily, if you completed tasks please wait for uptade to claim your NFT and points)

8️⃣ After the update you can Claim your NFT and Points! Please Click on Claim NFT and points, and confirm the transaction in your wallet polygon network, Congratulations!

The more points you collect, the more valuable your prizes will be at the end of the quest! Remember, the adventure is just beginning, and there are more quests ahead! Don’t miss your chance! 🤩

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DITEX, the Revenue Sharing Platform, is similar to Micro Private Equity, offering a weekly ROI in LP tokens generated from multiple businesses!